Why You Need Life Coaching

By guiding people in the right direction, life coaching is aimed at helping people reach their goals in business or personal life.

Life coaching is a career where a life coach possesses a firm understanding of a key concept: SUCCESS. A life coach guides other people on success planning, teaching them how they can get success and its application into real life to work for them.

Although life coaching is an underrated field that others do not see great value, it has now grown into a hugely successful form of talking therapy that helped transform many people’s lives. 

Despite this, many are still not convinced how a life coach can help them. So let’s discuss here crucial questions that could help you decide if life coaching is what you need. 

Who Needs Life Coaching

Often, people that require a life coach are those who lack self-confidence – those who keep questioning their abilities – and those who find themselves in a mundane life routine that is missing enjoyment or excitement. 

People who need life coaching are those who are struggling in one or more areas in their life, or those who simply want to improve. These areas can be:

  • Career
  • Health
  • Marriage or relationship
  • Business
  • Self-development

A life coach essentially finds a way to bring back (or boost) an individual’s wavering self-confidence, and help him/her make a plan to overcome his/her struggles in life. 

In most cases, those who seek the help of life coaches are interested in success planning. They expect their life coach to guide and empower them in making crucial decisions in their personal and professional lives. 

How to Choose a Life Coach

When choosing a life coach, you must consider a series of things before making a final decision. 

Firstly, find a coach that specializes in your area of need. 

We have different reasons why we need help from a life coach. Sometimes, it is because we want to change careers, or our finances are tumbling down, or our relationships are no longer healthy. 

Whatever your reason is, look for a life coach that specializes in the thing you want to improve. 

It’d be a major advantage if you find life coaches who are involved in different industries and areas of expertise so their knowledge and sharing of ideas won’t be limited or boxed into a single perspective.

With DDDC, we offer coaching sessions that are all individually tailored to your business and personal needs. We ensure that you get the life coaching that you need to guide you, empower you, and improve your life as you embark on your success plan. 

Second, look for life coaches with the right training. 

With life coaching being a fairly new industry and less established (compared to other professions such as law or architecture), anybody can easily call themselves a life coach even without proper training. 

Being a life coach is not as simple as giving random advice to a friend. Although it may look similar, life coaching entails understanding key principles, gaining an overall perspective of someone’s situation, identifying which areas should be improved on and what goals to achieve, developing a plan and working on it, and a lot more. 

Having said that, look for a life coach who has completed various levels of training and certification from recognized coach training schools.

Doug Durie, a trusted coach from DDDC, has certification in Leadership (Roles, Theory, Action Centred, Ethical) Motivating, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Interpersonal Communication, Mentoring, Managing Change, Team Effectiveness, Continuous Improvement, Team Dynamics, and Quality Concepts. 

Our DDDC coaches ensure that they equip themselves with proper training and certification so they can rightfully help their clients. That’s how they’ve earned the trust of people who choose them as their life coaches.

Third, choose a life coach that ‘understands’ you.

Having a life coach is an important personal matter. It’s not as simple as buying a new pair of shoes or getting an oil change for your car. You are seeking to improve important aspects of your life.

It is therefore crucial that you choose beyond your superficial impression of your life coach online based on a few information you’ve gathered from websites or social media pages. Know more about them through videos and audios that they may have shared online or on their website. 

If it is possible, have a conversation with at least two or three life coaches and choose the one who is the right fit. You need a life coach who gets you, who can understand you, and whom you can communicate with smoothly. Our advice is find a coach whom you click with personally. 

Lastly, get a life coach that matches your budget. 

Hiring a life coach is a no-joke. It can also cost you some money, especially in some countries where coaching fees are relatively high. 

I think you’ll agree that life coaching is an investment for your future, especially while you work on your success planning. But pursuing success doesn’t mean you’ll have to break the bank. Choose a life coach who offers fees that fit within your budget. 

Make it a point to ask about rates and how long the coaching engagement will last. 

With a wide range of self-improvement and self-development courses that currently run in Australia and throughout the world, DDDC recommends those that are based in Australia as it is more affordable and easily understood.

Know more about the coaching program that we offer. 

Life coaching indeed can bring positive changes into your life. Remember life coaching and success planning are supposed to GUIDE and EMPOWER YOU in making crucial decisions in life. 

Overall, it is seen to bring clarity about what you want and where you want to be, overcome struggles, boost confidence, and figure out strategies to aid you in creating a success plan and reaching your goals faster. 

If you’ve decided that you need life coaching, don’t hesitate to reach out to our trusted life coaches here, and let’s determine how we could guide and empower you, too.

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