Making A Difference: What Can You Add To Your Environment Now To Help

We might feel helpless during this time but it also triggers our feeling of helping those who are struggling more. We have times when we ask each other “Who or what can you add to your environment now to help?

The pandemic had put many of us in difficult times. Though there are countries that are on their way to moving on, there are others that are still in the process of finding ways to recover. The news is filled every day with people who are using their own coping mechanism to fight and struggle with today’s hardship.

We might feel helpless during this time but it also triggers our feeling of helping those who are struggling more. We have times when we ask each other “Who or what can you add to your environment now to help?

Our Veterans and Retired Defence Forces are used to being in service to people. They are also asking themselves this question. So, during this tough time, it’s not surprising that they are also finding ways to give back to society.

This time is full of uncertainties and we still can’t help but feel scared because of it. But despite everything, we still have this thought of how we can help the community.

Helping others as a way to help ourselves

We are living in the modern era where we can spend a day without the need to meet physically. With the help of the internet and social platforms, we can talk to friends and family online, we can order food and we can even do shopping. These online platforms also make it easy for people to help those in need even without meeting each other.

When our veterans’ transition to civilian life, they initially feel the loss of purpose. Being in service for many years, the changes brought by the transition sometimes make it hard for them to adjust. The initial coping mechanism for this kind of feeling is helping the community. Being part of the society and meeting new friends, our veterans gain the feeling of satisfaction and belongingness.

As stated by Robbins[1] of Lifehack, helping each other is the basic foundation of humanity. When we do good to others, we also feel good about ourselves. And when we feel good about ourselves, this benefits our mental and physical health. Being happy is good for the heart and lessens possibilities of depression, and thus prolongs lifespan. New friends, new doors and new possibilities are opened the moment we help one another.

In DDDC, our coaches believe in positive changes brought by helping each other. Not only do you gain enlightenment in your life but also help other people see hope in times of needs.

Helping one another in times of uncertainties

Despite being in a difficult situation, many of us, including the veterans, are finding ways to connect to other people and make a difference. Many are stepping out of their safety zones to reach more people that need help. The use of social media and the digital world is a big factor in this matter as it serves as a platform to gather and search for help. So even if you are at home, there are still ways to get involved and help the community.

What can you add to your environment now to help? This might be a little hard to answer but in our small ways, each of us can contribute something to our community.

Here are some ways on how we can help and give back to our society.

  1. Practising self-care

How can you help others when you are not even helping yourself and your family? Protecting yourselves is also protecting the community. Staying at home if needed, practising health protocols and social distancing when outside can make a difference in your community. By simply doing this, you can help in lowering the chances of being exposed during this pandemic. This can save you and your family and also keeps others from being sick.

  1. Staying connected virtually

Social distancing is simple but is hard to follow especially when it comes to our family members. Our veterans are familiar with this feeling since they are one of the most vulnerable groups during this pandemic time. Our elderlies are advised to stay home for their safety.

Fortunately, we are living in the modern world. With just one click, we can connect virtually to our friends and family. By staying connected to people, it helps ease their worries and fears. There are many virtual groups that are open to various people. Members can talk to each other regarding different topics, making this a great way to fight loneliness, provide mental health support, meet new friends and find new interests while staying inside your home.

  1. Lending your skills

Use your skills in helping the community. Each one of us is facing different situations, so there will be many opportunities to use your skills in helping. Examples of this are web design. Since businesses are transitioning from a brick-and-mortar store to online shops, business owners need to create websites that appeal to their target market. Another example of this is if you have financial knowledge. You can lend your skills to those who are currently looking for financial aid like small businesses or people who just lost their jobs.

Our veterans can help by lending their leadership skills. Since they are trained in handling difficult situations, they can lead activities like food banks and distributions of reliefs to communities who are having a hard time because of the pandemic.

  1. Expressing gratitude

With the distribution of vaccines in some countries, we are seeing hope that this pandemic time will end soon. Many are doing their best to control and maintain order in our places.

Our health workers are exhausting their efforts and putting their lives at risk for all of us. We can help them by also taking care of ourselves. The last thing we do is add to their problems by being also infected.

  1. Donating

In an article by United Way of Calgary and Area (2020)[2], it is said that sometimes giving back is as simple as making a donation. If you are one of those lucky people that have extra funds, please extend a helping hand. Donate to organizations that are making a difference and helping the community. You can choose those groups that provide financial and food assistance. There are also organizations that help medical workers and essential workers.

Aside from providing financial assistance, you can also choose to give goods instead like food and supplies like alcohol and sanitisers.

So, ask yourself again, what can you add to your environment now to help? Any kind of help will contribute to making a difference in yourself and our community. Putting others’ needs in front of us connects you to the people you are helping and strengthens your relationship.

Adding a Coach to your environment would help us to do this also.


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