Veteran and Retired Defence Forces and Their Way to Career Satisfaction

We can feel career satisfaction when we feel that we work using our utmost strengths, we do what we love and we make meaningful contributions. This is what you call ‘career abundance’.

We spend a great proportion of our time at work. We want to feel satisfied for working hard and spending half of our lifespan on it. In fact, career abundance is dependent on one’s internal feeling. Research shows that we can feel career satisfaction when we feel that we work using our utmost strengths, we do what we love and we make meaningful contributions.

People who successfully bring these elements together are said to perform better and handle life and work more effectively. This is what you call ‘career abundance’.

Experts say that retired forces and veterans who continue working or gain a new career after retirement tend to be healthier and more fulfilled compared to those who don’t. Veterans gain their career abundance even after their service when they continue to work and do what they want.

Some veterans may not need to work upon achieving financial abundance after retirement. But there are those who still prefer to do something to either gain life’s purpose or increase their financial security. Life satisfaction increases for our veterans by simply socializing with other people and having the feeling of being needed.

Skills that Our Veteran and Retired Defence Forces Get to Offer

Being in the line of duty for how many years, our veterans have a lot of unique and useful skills to offer that will surely benefit any company that they will work for.

  1. Leadership

Veterans were trained to accept orders and make sure to accomplish them. They are very proficient at leading people when doing a certain task. And of course, they are very respectful to their leader (or boss). And because of their training in a highly team-oriented and environment with a hierarchy system, our veterans know how to take instructions and when to give one to achieve their goals successfully.

  1. Teamwork

Brotherhood and camaraderie are an important part of being in military service. Our veterans cooperate and rely on their team members during their mission or even when they were just hanging out. Because of this, they develop teamwork that can handle any kind of situations thrown at them.
So, when they work in another field, they already understand the value of teamwork and the sense of shared responsibility.

  1. Strong analytical skills

Being keen on details and giving informative and comprehensive reports are skills our veterans are also trained in. This is a powerful skill to use when they are already working in a civilian environment. They can be considered as ‘Problem Identifiers’, and can also give possible solutions to these and other problems.

  1. Ability to handle stressful situations

While in service, our veterans were required to accomplish their mission, give reports and meet deadlines. On top of that, they were placed in stressful and difficult situations. These enable our veterans to handle different situations in a very productive and efficient way.
In the civilian world, this means it is hard for them to crash under pressure. For sure, they can handle the busiest and most chaotic day at work.

  1. Self-starters

Of course, when our veterans start working outside the military, everything will be new to them and they might not know where to start. The good thing is that our veterans are also equipped with self-discipline and initiative. They do not fear challenges and are more than willing to put effort and hard work to improve their abilities.

  1. Advanced knowledge in technology

The Military and Defence Force use the most advanced and sophisticated technology. Our veterans are equipped with technological skills and knowledge to keep up with the modern time. We can say that they are even the first ones to try new technologies. And also because of their exposure to different people and locations, they can offer a global outlook to the company that they’re a part of.

Pursuing Career after Retirement for our Veterans

With the recent events, our normal lives have been off track and we begin to challenge ourselves to new things to cope. This is the same for our veterans and retired defence forces. Uncertain conditions and unpredictable events are indeed part of today’s world. Many veterans are thinking about their financial security and wanting to gain career abundance even after their service.

With the knowledge and resourcefulness of our veterans and proper planning, our veterans will be able to pursue another career after their retirement in service.

Here are some suggestions to take when looking for a career to pursue.

  1. Treat your career search as a military mission

When deciding what they want to pursue after retiring, our veterans should go for a fact-finding mission to know what they really want to do. Just like everything else, planning is a huge part of making their way to career satisfaction.

They should ask questions like “What are my drivers?”, “What are the work styles I want?”, “What work industry do I want to be part of?”. These questions can help them in finding their ideal career.

  1. Expand your network

This could be one of the best ways to find a career after retiring. Attending different events and gatherings in their communities to meet different people would be a great start. With one new person you meet, it could mean a number of connections.

  1. Know your weaknesses

It is not enough that our veterans and retired defence forces know their career drivers. They should also know what are their gaps or limiting factors so they can do something about them to achieve their ideal career. Maybe the job they want needs a certain certification, then they can look for courses that offer those certifications. Or maybe they need to learn additional technical skills to get the job, then they can also look for online courses offering those skills.

The time now is not easy for all kinds of people. But we all are doing our best to learn and cope even when we are surrounded by unpredictable situations. Our veterans and retired defence forces are also one of us who are using their strengths to achieve their financial security even when they are already retired.

DDDC has helped people in securing financial security especially in times of crisis. Do not feel alone. Whether you want yourself to be mentored, or you know some veteran or retiring defence force personnel whom you think will benefit greatly from our services, do not hesitate to reach out.

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